4 October 2022Killers, Kidnappers, Gangsters & Grasses published

10 September 2022Approach from Impact, research company, California

29 August 2022Request for research from Argonon Films

4 August 2022Request from New York author to collaborate on novel

14 July 2022Request for research from Bohemia Films

24 June 2022Request to provide a talk to the Whitechapel Society

8 June 2022Request to appear on French Radio station RTL, on L’heure du crime

11 April 2022Request from KT-Studios to participate in a podcast

27 March 2022Request from Thruline Entertainment, California to research for a Flying Squad series

9 March 2022Request to participate with History Hack podcast

2 March 2022Missing, Presumed Murdered, published

24 January 2022Paperback edition of The Brave Blue Line published

17 October 2021Invitation to cast & crew screening of Last Night in Soho (Consultant)

15 October 2021Request for participation in a programme from Renowned Films

15 October 2021Request for participation with History Hack Podcast

4 October 2021The Brighton Police Scandal published

29 July 2021Interviewed on BBC Coventry’s Vic Minett Show

24 June 2021Request to appear on podcast for Don’t Skip Productions

10 June 2021Discussion re. film series with Bohemia Films

5 June 2021Request for talk from the Metropolitan Police History Society

21 May 2021Scotland Yard’s Casebook of Serious Crime published

14 April 2021Bent Cops shown on BBC2 – as police consultant

13 April 2021Enquiry from Astronautfilms.

8 April 2021IRA Terror on Britain’s Streets published.

22 March 2021London’s Gangs at War re-released.

5 February 2021Enquiry from Objective Fiction Film Co. adapting books for television.

6 November 2020Interview on BBC Radio Suffolk.

4 November 2020Interview on RWS Radio.

13 October 2020The Racetrack Gangs published.

25 September 2020Interview on BBC Radio Suffolk .

27 August 2020Interviewed on BBC Radio Suffolk.

1 July 2020Interview on Talk Radio Europe.

30 June 2020Hardback edition of Scotland Yard’s Murder Squad published.

25 June 2020Request from ITV to appear on ‘Gold’ series.

19 June 2020Critique provided for In the Line television script.

17 June 2020Paperback edition of Scotland Yard’s Flying Squad published.

26 May 2020Request to appear on BBC’s The One Show.

24 October 2019Interview on ‘Let’s Talk’, Radio Europe.

2 October 2019Scotland Yard’s Flying Squad published.

24 September 2019Request from One Tribe TV re. Flying Squad programme.

1 July 2019Paperback edition of Scotland Yard’s Gangbuster published.

11 June 2019Meeting with film producer re. possible TV series.

5 June 2019Consultation re. film with Big Smoke Pictures Ltd.

13 May 2019Request for participation in TV programme by LADbible group.

1 May 2019The Mayfair Mafia published.

1 April 2019The Sweeney, re-published in paperback.

9 March 2019Request from Western Sound Podcast Co. to research organised crime in London.

18 January 2019Request to speak at The Hertford Club.

2 January 2019Appeared on BBC Radio Suffolk’s Lesley Dolphin Show.

3 December 2018Request by Wild Dog Films to participate in a programme re. 1960s crime.

26 November 2018Request to speak on BBC Radio Nottingham re jewellery theft.

5 November 2018Scotland Yard’s Gangbuster published.

30 October 2018Request from Japanese TV regarding a David Martin documentary.

1 August 2018Appeared on Channel Four’s Murder in Soho: Who killed Freddie Mills?

10 July 2018Request to assist ITN with an organised crime documentary.

19 June 2018Request to assist Topical TV with a Flying Squad documentary.

21 May 2018Request to assist Windfall Films with a Flying Squad documentary.

15 May 2018Request to assist Blakeway TV with a Flying Squad documentary.

19 March 2018Operation Countryman published.

26 February 2018Discussion re. Channel 5 documentary on Harrods bombing.

6 February 2018Filmed for BBC4 documentary on Freddie Mills.

31 January 2018Request to speak by Bury St Edmunds library.

10 December 2017Consultation re. Nude Murders for Monster Films.

11 September 2017Discussion re. Flying Squad documentary for RawCut TV.

30 August 2017Discussion re. Freddie Mills documentary for BBC4.

25 July 2017Request to speak on BBC Radio London programme.

20 June 2017Request to speak at the ‘H’ Division Crime Club.

5 June 2017‘London’s Gangs at War’ published.

2 June 2017Request to talk at University of Westminster.

31 May 2017Appeared on BBC Radio 2’s Jeremy Vine Show.

17 April 2017Request to talk at the Jack the Ripper conference.

2 March 2017Request to talk at Bishops Stortford Rotary Club.

16 February 2017Request to talk at Uxbridge Library.

7 December 2016Request to talk at Havering Crime & Policing Exhibition.

6 October 2016Discussion with Detour.com re: Victorian London audio documentary.

15 September 2016Discussion regarding a TV programme in respect of legendary detective, Jack Capstick.

15 September 2016Discussion regarding a TV programme in respect of boxing legend, Freddie Mills.

5 September 2016Publication of Laid Bare by The History Press.

5 March 2016Request to speak at the Whitechapel Society.

17 February 2016Request to talk at Right-Angle Events.

1 February 2016Publication of The Wrong Man by The History Press.

17 December 2015Discussions with World Productions Ltd regarding a Flying Squad fictional TV series.

21 November 2015Request to provide talk for the Brentwood Writers' Circle.

9 October 2015Enquiry regarding possibility of TV programme of ‘The Wrong Man’.

8 October 2015Request regarding a historical TV series of the Flying Squad.

7 August 2015Request for involvement from 40 Partner Films re. homicide & serious crimes programme.

6 August 2015Request for involvement from Brightspark Films re. serial killer programme.

7 July 2015Interview regarding Flying Squad programme with Garden Productions TV.

1 July 2015Interview for BBC Radio 4 ‘Last Word’ programme.

14 May 2015Request to give talk to Classic Car Owners, Ipswich.

13 May 2015Interview on BBC Radio Suffolk.

5 May 2015Request for research from Imaginary Friends TV Co.

26 April 2015Appeared in 'Confessions of a Hitman' on the Crime & Investigation Channel.

24 April 2015Request from NBC Universal regarding a new TV show.

13 April 2015Request for interview by BBC (NI)

12 April 2015Request for interview by BBC Radio 5 Live

11 April 2015Request for interview by Sky News

9 April 2015Request for interview by Dragonfly Film & Television Productions Ltd.

8 April 2015Request for interview by BBC Radio 4

24 March 2015BBC Radio Somerset interview re. Whitechapel's Sherlock Holmes.

20 February 2015Filmed by 40 Partners for the TV docu-drama Murder Inc.

18 February 2015Request to appear on BBC1's The One Show.

12 December 2014Appeared on BBC Suffolk Radio’s Lesley Dolphin Show.

30 November 2014 Publication of Whitechapel's Sherlock Holmes by Pen & Sword True Crime.

13 November 2014Request to appear in the Canadian CMJ TV series, ‘Natural Born Outlaws’.

13 November 2014Request to speak at the Jack the Ripper conference at Nottingham in 2015.

24 October 2014Request from Wall-to-Wall TV for contribution to the Shepherds Bush police murders.

14 October 2014Request from BBC for contribution to ‘Secrets of New Scotland Yard’.

30 September 2014Request to provide talk for the London Ashridge Circle.

13 September 2014Discussion from Chalkboard Media to be a consultant on a crime series.

10 September 2014 Talk for CSRF, Newmarket – The Curious Case of the Bogus Doctor.

4 June 2014 Filmed by ITV for a TV series on the history of Scotland Yard.

22 May 2014 Approached by 40 Partners to collaborate, contribute to & host a TV series, based on The Guv’nors.

24 March 2014 Talk for Roysia Women’s Club – My work with Scotland Yard’s Flying Squad.

10 March 2014 Talk for Probus 3 Group, Mildenhall – The Curious Case of the Bogus Doctor.

20 January 2014 Appeared on BBC Radio Suffolk’s The Lesley Dolphin Show.

8 January 2014 Discussion with BBC Radio 4 re. post-war crime programme.

19 December 2013 Appeared on BBC1’s The One Show.

12 December 2013 Discussion with Real Life TV regarding film of the 1952 Eastcastle Street robbery.

27 November 2013 Publication of The Scourge of Soho by Pen & Sword True Crime.

15 November 2013 Discussion with ITN re. a Costa del Crime series.

5 November 2013 Talk for Fulbourn Ladies Group – My work with Scotland Yard's Flying Squad.

15 October 2013 Talk for the Hull Literary & Philosophical Society.

10 September 2013 Talk - The Curious Case of the Bogus Doctor - at Larks Social Club, Mildenhall.

12 August 2013 Discussion with Silver River television company re. historical police programme.

30 July 2013 Discussion with German ARD television company re. Great Train Robbery programme.

19 July 2013 Discussion re. appearing on Channel One, Russian television.

14 July 2013 Invitation to speak at Norfolk Women's Institue.

6 July 2013 Discussion re. appearing on PBS television.

12 June 2013 Talk at Soham Phoenix Social Club: My life and times with the Flying Squad.

23 May 2013Talk for Probus 3 - My life and times with the Flying Squad.

16 May 2013Talk for NORMET: The curious case of the Bogus Doctor.

6 February 2013David and the Colonel published as an e-book.

25 January 2013Discussions re: Great Train Robbery docu-drama for BBC1.

1 November 2012 Discussion with Taylor Herring PR for promoting release of 'The Sweeney' DVD starring Ray Winstone.

30 October 2012 Discussion with BBC Radio 4 on the proposed sale of new Scotland Yard.

29 October 2012 Interview with Radio Europe regarding penal matters in the UK.

28 September 2012 Discussion with Swiss-based company regarding the art of hostage negotiation.

27 September 2012 Discussion with Blast! Films regarding Sir Robert Mark documentary.

20 August 2012 Further filming for Alaska Television in Kingston-upon-Thames re. ‘The Racetrack Gangs’.

27 July 2012 Discussion with Lichtblick films regarding Great Train Robbery documentary.

19 July 2012 Talk at NorMet: The Golden Days of Policing.

9 July 2012 Filming for Alaska Television in Birmingham for a documentary on 'The Racetrack Gangs'.

30 June 2012 Publication of Death on the Beat (Wharncliffe Books) - the heroic stories of the Metropolitan Police officers who gave their lives in the course of their duties, including WPC Yvonne Fletcher – with a foreword by Michael Winner.

20 June 2012 Talk: The Secret Story of Police Informants - part of the 'Secrets of Everything' series at St. John's Innovation Centre, Cambridge, 7-9pm.

13 June 2012 Talk at Soham Phoenix Social Club: The Curious Case of the Bogus Doctor.

24 May 2012 Appearing in a Klaus Dexel TV Film Co. documentary.

14 March 2012 6pm. Talk at New Scotland Yard on ‘The History of the Ghost Squad’

14 February 2012 7.45pm. Talk for the Trumpington Tuesday Group on ‘My work with Scotland Yard’s Flying Squad.’

23 January 2012 Filming with the Police Oracle website.

19 January 2012 6-7pm. Talk at Havering Museum on ‘The Bogus Doctor of Oldchurch Hospital’

11 January 2012 Appearing on Steve Scruton’s BBC Radio Essex show, 3.30pm.

9 January 2012 8.00pm. Appearing on BBC Channel 4 programme of The Great Train Robbery.

November 2011A request to give two lectures, one on the Flying Squad, the other on the Ghost Squad in Nassau, Bahamas.

17 November 2011Publication of The Brave Blue Line (Wharncliffe Books) - stories of the amazing bravery of decorated Metropolitan Police officers from 1910 onwards, with a foreword by Lord Stevens, former Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police.

13 October 2011The annual dinner for the Ex-CID Officers' Association - the best of company

20 September 2011A talk on The Sweeney for a Probus group.

16 June 2011 Latest release - Scotland Yard's Ghost Squad – the astonishing tale of the top secret undercover squad, formed to combat the post-war black marketeers and hi-jackers.

19 May 2011The ReCIDivists' Luncheon Club - an event not to be missed!