1 February 2016Publication of The Wrong Man by The History Press.

9 October 2015Enquiry regarding possibility of TV programme of ‘The Wrong Man’.

8 October 2015Request regarding a historical TV series of the Flying Squad.

7 August 2015Request for involvement from 40 Partner Films re. homicide & serious crimes programme.

6 August 2015Request for involvement from Brightspark Films re. serial killer programme.

7 July 2015Interview regarding Flying Squad programme with Garden Productions TV.

1 July 2015Interview for BBC Radio 4 ‘Last Word’ programme.

14 May 2015Request to give talk to Classic Car Owners, Ipswich.

13 May 2015Interview on BBC Radio Suffolk.

Author of eleven books, Dick Kirby has also contributed to five anthologies, ten other true crime books and contributes to magazines and national newspapers on a regular basis; he also appears on radio and television and provides talks for groups on his experiences in the Metropolitan Police in which he roundly condemns political correctness, vapid senior officers and ‘soft’ policing.

With a bare two years in the rank of detective constable, Kirby was selected for the prestigious Serious Crime Squad and spent the next five years catching international crooks from all over the world. ‘The Sweeney’ – the Yard’s élite Flying Squad - was his home for eight years where he dealt with the most formidable and violent armed robbers.


The Wrong Man:
for publication in February 2016 by The History Press. The story behind the shooting by police of an innocent man, plus the hunt for David Martin - known at the time as ‘The Most Dangerous Man in London’ - told by the police officers who were there.